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You as usual, are misunderstanding. Clara isn't very sociable. What a fool he is to leave school. Unlock the door. Roger is looking forward to taking some time off. Write a poem with four three-line stanzas. Amedeo has seen worse than this.

I charged them too much money for their room. Do you think things would've gone differently if I'd been here? He acquitted himself admirably at the track meet.

Hein made a funny face. I don't want Claude to come to our party. Don't dash off a sloppily written report filled with mistakes.

The revenues for the first month of 2011 exceed 1 000 000 yen.

The poor boys were shivering with fear. The two lovers sat face to face, drinking tea. I don't think we want to go down that road. I hope this plan works. He engages himself in every new project. Anthony can't swim as well as Gerald can. It's time to go home now. Andre is allergic to mold.

Maurice was not just interested in Real's musical abilities. Jack made a lot of mistakes in his composition. I didn't change anything. It didn't really happen that way. Let's just let Judge handle it. There must be some misunderstanding between us. I'm glad that you asked Geoffrey for advice. Vickie expected at least a ten percent return on his investment. Do you want her to help you?

Guillermo mistook the sugar for salt. I know Teresa isn't in very good shape. The number is engaged. Are you happy with this? Rafik already knows the answer to that question. Paula handed me the phone. I was emotionally drained after listening to Barbra rave on about his marriage problems for two hours. A real friend would tell us the truth. They're kids. Won't you eat lunch with us?

That's the theory. I think that's an unreasonable demand. I wish that I had stuck around long enough to meet your parents. Carsten was always different from other children. Although the economy is weak, some companies are still making a profit. So you know only English and Lojban. Elul is the last month in the Hebrew calendar.

I want to be examined by a doctor because of my stomach ache. I've told Fay everything I've told you.

I feel uneasy in my father's presence. I don't want to look at Justin. Can you come over this afternoon? Do you feel like going out? Well you can't; you always have to stay here with the child.

She did it out of curiosity. Bryan is fairly rich, isn't he? I hitched a ride with him. Naomi doesn't want you to discover the truth. I walked home in the rain without an umbrella. I know your father very well. Cats don't wear collars. I may need more help than Novorolsky is willing to give. Srinivasan didn't take the map with him, so after several hours of going in circles we ended up in the middle of nowhere. It can hardly be called research... just an amateur's hobby, I'm ashamed to say.

Are you Russian?

He earns a good salary.

He had no sooner heard the news than he began to cry.

Do you want to go grab some dinner? Why don't you go out? She made elaborate preparations for the party. Spudboy knew that salads were healthy, so he ate at least one salad a day. I can barely keep up with the rest of the class. Can I get half a kilo of chicken legs, please? What's your second choice? I heard that Pratap is a terrific kisser. Johann showed up late to practice yesterday. Do you really expect me to let that happen?

That's what I need to do. What if the problem is him? Dale didn't say why he was late. Come anytime.

He referred to his past experience in his speech. Your thirty minutes are up. Well, at least let me set up the table. The hospital was far away from his village.